What are the Five Elements and why are they important?

In ancient chinese theory it is says that each individual has all five elements within them. It is these elements that over time can become stressed, weakened and out of natural balance. This imbalance is seen as the fundamental cause of a patients problems. By  balancing the five elements it enables the acupuncturist to get to the root course of the problem, therefore strengthening the constitution of the body aiding its natural healing process. By strengthening  the mind, body and spirit, specific problems can be targeted, as well as preventing reoccurrence.  While working to gain the best health potential possible, patients also report they are able to recover better from colds and flu, they are more able to cope better with everyday stress,  sleep improves and a general feeling of happy well being. Modern life can be stressful and hard, and dealing with it alone can be enough, that is why some patients have five element acupuncture for wellbeing and as a preventative form of medicine.

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