• Many thanks for my continuing treatment my right foot now has more movement and feeling than it has had for the past 10 years! Walking is easier and I have noticed that my hip is not as painful either. Looking forward to the next session,  Wendy.  

  • I suffered with weekly headaches for years and didn't like to keep on taking tablets, so I went to Eden Acupuncture for a tablet free alternative to stop the migraines, and after only a few sessions my headaches have completely stopped.   AN, Warwickshire  

  • My frozen shoulder was making dressing myself very difficult, after two sessions of acupuncture with Sarah my shoulder is back to normal.   M H, Solihull 


  • I feel much more relaxed and in control of my life and will certainly continue with my acupuncture as I have found it to be of real benefit, in fact I can’t imagine life without it!  C. Hills  

  • I contacted Eden Acupuncture because I was battling with my emotions. Up one minute, down the next. After my first treatment i could feel the difference. My emotions had stabilised. I continued with treatment and now feel fantastic. Treatments at first where once a week but now i go monthly. Sarah always makes me feel relaxed and at ease. The whole experience has changed my life for the better. So much better than being told I would need anti depressants by the doctor. Thank you.    P.G 

  • After fracturing my coccyx, after a fall, I was in so much pain and discomfort despite prescribed pain relief. I visited Sarah as I knew that acupuncture would help. The treatment that I received meant that I could reduce my pain relief much sooner than expected and felt much more comfortable. Overall my injury healed in a shorter time than the doctor predicted.   K.D

  • Sarah helped me with my under active thyroid and polycystic ovaries. She also worked in my stress levels when I was made redundant.

  • Sarah is passionate about acupuncture and helping people and she is very compassionate. I would totally recommend her services.  J.T

  • Sarah is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about her subject. She is patient and kind and explains everything whilst listening to her clients own concerns and needs. Her treatment room is lovely and easy to find. Both my husband and I attend sessions with Sarah and I'd highly recommend her for anyone looking for acupuncture treatment. K.S


  • I have been having acupuncture with Sarah for several years. She has helped me to manage hormonal and anxiety symptoms; however, her treatments go much further than obvious symptoms as her five elements acupuncture treats you holistically. She has a professional and friendly manner that puts you at ease, is very knowledgeable, happily answers any questions and explains everything she does. She has done me a lot of good and I look forward to every session.

  • Sarah offers an amazing service. My regular sessions 'out me straight' and help me manage the stresses of my job. I couldn't manage without her! HIGHLY recommended. W.W

  • Sarah is amazing! She helps manage my Fibromyalgia symptoms, which enables me to stay at work. No matter how my symptoms change and challenge Sarah, she never fails to help me. S.C

  • Sarah has been treating me for menopausal symptoms and I have found the treatment sessions have worked very well for me. Sarah is very good at explaining the treatments and she puts you at ease by listening to you so she can tailor the sessions to suit your symptoms. L.L


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