At Eden Acupuncture Moxa, Gua Sha, and Cupping are offered as part of  your acupuncture treatment.


Acupuncture Needles are not like other medical needles you will have come across. They are very fine, almost hair like thickness. A needle is inserted just under the skin, and most of the time immediately removed. Acupuncture is not about how many needles are used, some of the best treatments are done with only a few needles. The art to five element acupuncture is the individually tailored treatment, based on their uniqueness of every individual.  


Moxabustion, is used as a very nourishing, warming treatment. Moxa can be used to aid relief, from many complaints, as well as promoting wellbeing. Moxa is a herb commonly known as Mugwort, and the refined herb is burnt over an acupuncture point or affected area giving a feeling of warmth and relaxation. Moxa is also used to aid recovery from chronic illness or distress. 

Gua Sha


The Gua Sha tool is smooth and is used with oil to gently, repeatedly rub the affected area. The theory is not that dissimilar to that of cupping, as it aims to break down stagnation of energy and blood, to give relief from stiffness and pain. 

In chinese theory pain is caused by stagnation (stuck) energy, this can be due to physical or emotional stress. Cupping increases blood flow to the area therefore encouraging the movement of blood, energy and fluids through a deep massage. This movement can give relief from pain, tension, stressed muscles and can help the immune system to work more effectively. Treatment involves the placing of moving or static cups onto the affected area, where a vacuum is created inside the cup.