Important Clinic Update 


On your arrival there will be plenty of hand sanitizer, please wear a face mask before entering the treatment room. 

Please park on the driveway facing the house so I can call you in when I am ready. 

New paper free Check in Covid Secure QR Code. 

Register once with evePASS app to check-in to Eden Acupuncture. The QR code is on display inside the treatment room for you to use.

By checking in you are confirming you do not have any Covid 19 symptoms,

have read the healthcare questionnaire stating the risks and consent to Acupuncture treatment.

Step 1 

Scan the code with your camera app and click the notification on your screen.

Step 2

Provide your contact details just once and scan code again to complete your check-in.

If you are unable to use the EvePass app on your phone, please print and fill in consent forms 1 & 2 and bring them with you. For consent forms please use the button links on the below.

For everyone's safety

PLEASE CANCEL YOUR APPOINTMENT if you, or any friends or family that you have come in direct contact with, shows signs of Covid symptoms. Please cancel your appointment at the earliest opportunity if you are feeling unwell. There will be no charge if you cancel your appointment for this reason. 

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